Location: Online Courses


$49/person ATC Member Gyms

$79/person Non-ATC Member Gyms (Bronze membership included)

This course will be available on our website on July 28. A link will be provided to all registrants.

Session Schedule:


During this short welcome time, we’ll introduce our event producers, session speakers and head judge. We’ll tell you a bit more about ATC and how you can use the league to grow your program!

Routines & Scoring by Angie Fritsch

In this session, we’ll go through each of the routines and explain how each skill should be performed and discuss the scoring drivers and rules for the league.

Growth & Retention of Your Competitive Tumbling Program by Danielle Johnston

Join us as we talk about how to grow your competitive tumbling program through a lead-generating funnel as well as how to continue to challenge and retain your athletes long-term.

Hands-On Skills and Drills Training by Patrick Davison

During this session, we’ll go through some of the most challenging skills on the routines sheet and show you how to spot the skills and a few drills to help athletes perfect the skills.